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performance-mystery    "On the way to the Heart"


A poignant and deeply spiritual story that blends various genres and styles of clowning, pantomime, and dance, leading the audience on a journey through vibrant and dramatic moments in human life and destiny. It evokes a wide range of emotions and experiences, compelling us to briefly contemplate the beauty of the world we inhabit.

Though we are all different, we can understand each other perfectly!

video 30 seconds

Critics have said:

"They are truly one-of-a-kind, unlike anything else, yet their artistry is rooted in a mystical carnival tradition that grants them incredible inner freedom."

"These White Clowns create something unimaginable, captivating any audience from the very start and seemingly capable of holding their attention indefinitely."

video 4 minute

Audience members say:

"When they are on stage, it feels like either the world has slowed its pace or our planet has started spinning in a different direction."

"Their performances are a mystery."

"Without uttering a word, they bare their souls before the spectators, and anyone who has witnessed them can no longer remain indifferent."

Here's what the creators of the show have to say:

Why "Mystery" specifically? This complex format reaches back to ancient times when theater was a space for people to communicate with the World of Gods. It's a realm where the intellect recedes in power, and the dormant Force of Perception eagerly deciphers symbols hidden within enchanting imagery.

We have all gathered for an exhilarating journey.

Wordless performance. Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes. The show is suitable for adult, youth, and family audiences, with a recommended age of 12+.

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