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performance-mystery    "On the way to the Heart"


A poignant and deeply spiritual story that combines different genres and styles of clowning, pantomime and dance, which will lead the viewer, telling him about the bright and dramatic moments in the life and fate of a person, carrying a variety of emotions and experiences and forcing us at least for a moment think about how beautiful this world in which we live.

We are all so different, but we can perfectly understand each other!

Here's what the creators of the show have to say:

Why Mystery?

This complex format, whose history goes back to ancient times, when the theater was a space in which people communicated with the World of the Gods. A space in which the mind recedes in impotence, and the power of perception dormant in Us eagerly reads the symbols hidden by bewitching pictures. When all of Us gathered for a dizzying journey through the elements and worlds of the carnival.

The uniqueness of the performance is that it is perfect for both adult, youth, and children and family audiences, age preference is 8+.

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