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On our "Performances" page,

you can explore our wordless shows that feature rare traditional genres. These genres include pantomime, which conveys philosophical themes, clowning, which represents universal values, and dance, which showcases high aesthetic standards.

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Our shows are suitable for audiences worldwide


for a wider audience


On the way to the heart. A performance-journey through exquisite states of the soul

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for theater audiences


A deep immersion into the world of carnival, where life and death are just masks


"Street performance"

that harmoniously fits into any space, including parks, squares, landscapes, and urban environments

Our shows are unique and one-of-a-kind, embodying the spirit of true theater art. We do not use words, but our actors are capable of conveying the deepest emotions and thoughts through movement and facial expressions. Each performance is an amazing journey into the world of theatrical art that leaves an indelible impression on the audience. We guarantee that everyone who visits our show will be satisfied and will receive unforgettable impressions.

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