... It is combination of fantasy and dream ...

                                                                                                       «Screen and Stage»

«GiraffeRoyal» - it’s a unique team in its own way, their work takes its roots in the mystical carnival traditions, giving incredible inner freedom.

  For more than a quarter of a century, «Giraffe Royal» works in the genre of visual theatre. At the heart of the creative method is the deep study of clowning, folklore, pantomime, ritual dance and street theatre. These are the few genres that retain the essence of the profession.

Creator - Stanislav Varkki: White Clown present canonical traditions of French clownery the secrets of which were kindly presented to us by Madona Bouglione, the direct heir of circus dynasty in Paris. In the tradition of philosophical theatrical clownery, a follower of Slava Polunin. Stas was a partner in the play «Diabolo», participated in the creation of «Slava`s Snowshow».

 They lived in Paris, London, St. Petersburg, and so on. D. Have worked with international stars: Terry Giliyam, Polunin, Konchalovsky, Shusaku Takeuchi.

.. Breath-taking flight of the states of mind which are so rare in our everyday life: a quiet joy... anxious anticipation...